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Do you miss having clear conversations with your family?


Do you need to ask people to repeat themselves often?


Are you uncomfortable in group situations due to your inability to hear well?


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may have a hearing deficit. Mobile Hearing Solutions is dedicated to helping you regain the hearing lost due to time or events. Improvements to your hearing health allow you to hear and enjoy the sounds you once took for granted like car horns, cell phone ring tones and dialogue in television shows. Our team of specialists, based at convenient locations in Western Tennessee, Central Arkansas or Northern Mississippi, will determine the severity of your hearing loss and recommend corrective options based on your individual lifestyle. 


Mobile Hearing Solutions offers convenient and FREE home visits for customers. At our free hearing consultations, you can browse and test our different types of hearing aids all at affordable prices. Take a look at our wide selection of behind the ear and in the canal hearing aids available at prices well below our competitors.


With busy schedules, finding the time for a hearing check up or updating a hearing device can be difficult. At Mobile Hearing Solutions, we want to make access to quality hearing services convenient, so we come to YOU!  We cover areas, such as Memphis, Little Rock, and Hot Springs, AR. There is no need for arranging transportation, fighting traffic, or sitting through lengthy office visits. We bring our portable equipment and perform diagnostic hearing tests in the privacy of your home, retirement center or office at no charge.


This video explains how we can help with understanding in noisy situations using "Smart" hearing technology.

Why Choose Mobile Hearing Solutions?

We strive for excellence in our hearing aid solutions through superior patient care, exemplary service and complete satisfaction with our mobile service. If we diagnose your hearing loss to require assistive hearing instrumentation, rest assured that we carry the leading equipment brands, full warranty, and offer competitive pricing. 


In-home service! We realize that arranging transportation and scheduling appointments are difficult for many of our patients. For your comfort and convenience, we make house calls as standard practice. We simply bring our mobile, state-of-the-art, portable diagnostic equipment to you. It can be set up in minutes to provide professional, on-site hearing tests and hearing loss evaluations. We provide FREE hearing diagnostics and consultation services


Additionally, there's never a charge for follow-up visits, programming updates, hearing aid maintenance or battery replacement. 


When you select Mobile Hearing Solutions, you get the quality and professional services you expect but in the comfort of your home or apartment. Let our trained and experienced professionals determine whether you need a hearing aid or hearing assistance device.

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We provide the best, name brand, digital products from Siemens, Starkey and Phonak.  All styles and powers are available to fit your specific need..   

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